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7.5 /10


7.5 /10


7.5 /10

Times of India

7.5 /10


7.5 /10


  • Raj Tharun looks good
  • Riddhi Kumar is superb in her performance
  • All Songs are superb
  • Usage of new technology to hack cars has been demonstrated well


  • Main villain is completed wasted
  • Routine story
  • Climax could be better


Star cast: Raj Tarun, Riddhi Kumar

Music Director: Ankit Tiwari

Producers: Harshith Reddy

Director: Anish Krishna

Release Date: July 20, 2018

Before going into Lover movie review let’s have a look at the recent form of Lover movie cast. Raj Tharun who became famous in his early movies has been struggling to get back to success path as his recent movies like Rajugadu and Rangula Ratnam didn’t fare well at the box office. So he must bounce back with a hit in this movie. The director Anish Krishna who earlier directed Ala Ela which performed decently at the box office. Heroine Riddha Kumar is making her debut with this movie. So now let’s go into the analysis of Lover movie review.


Raj Tharun brother of Rajiv Kanakala due to an unexpected situation lands in a hospital where he will fall in love with a nurse Riddhi Kumar. After a certain incident, she will also fall in love with Raj Tharun. The twist in the story arrives when Riddhi Kumar gets into trouble with Sachin Khedekar and Ajay who is kingmaker by saving a patient. How are they related to the patient and what is the trouble? is the rest of the story.


Raj Tharun new makeover and his acting as a lover boy along with mass image managed well. Rajiv Kanakala carried good emotions throughout the film. Riddhi Kumar has acted well.


  • Raj Tharun mixed both love and mass at an ease.
  • All the songs are good.
  • Usage of new technology to hack cars has been demonstrated well


  • Routine storyline which appears similar to Okadunnadu.
  • The climax could have been better.
  • Sachin Khedekar villain character has been wasted.
  • Lack of comedy in the second half.


Overall, we can say Lover movie story has similar traits to that of Okadunnadu. Raj Tharun’s new look and slang, Nice songs, Rich visuals of Kerala in the second half makes Lover one time watch apart from the predictable storyline. So finally our Lover review is one-time watch.


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